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All Men Are Brothers – [Shui Hu Chuan] – Prologue #12

All Men Are Brothers – [Shui Hu Chuan] – Prologue #12


Hung the Commander seeing these four letters was filled with great joy and he said to the abbot, “You would have stayed me and yet how was it that hundreds of years ago my surname was already written there.’To be opened by one surnamed Hung!’ Clearly was it commanded that I should open these doors and what matters it if I see into there? I think these kings of devils are under this stone tablet. Call more working priests, therefore, and let them bring hoes and iron spades and dig it up.”

Then did the abbot say humbly and in haste, “Commander, you may not move it lest some fierce thing befall and men be harmed. It is too dangerous.”

Then was the Commander in a rage again and he shouted, saying, “And what do you Taoists know! Upon this tablet it was carved that I was to open these doors and how can you stay me now? Quickly send the men hither for me!”

Again and again did the abbot say, “Perhaps evil will come of it.”

But how was the Commander willing to hear him? He did gather all the men together and first stone tablet was overturned and all together put forth their strength to dig up the stone turtle, but it was half a day before they dug it up. Then they dug yet further down about three or four feet deep. There they saw a great tablet of stone blue in color and it was some ten feet square. The Commander Hung ordered that it also be lifted up and again did the abbot most bitterly plead, “It may not be moved.”

But how was the Commander willing to hear him? The men could but lift up the great stone and when they looked beneath that stone was a pit well-nigh ten times ten thousand feet deep. There in that pit was heard a great clattering sound of thunder, nor was it like common thunder either. When the sound of the thunder was passed a black cloud was seen to come rolling up out of the pit and it struck against the roof and split it in two and that cloud filled half the heavens. Then it separated into more than a hundred clouds of gold and these scattered into the four directions and into the eight parts.

Now did all the men feel deep fear come over them and a cry rose up from them and they cast aside their hoes and their iron spades and ran from the temple and many fell and were overthrown. As for the Commander Hung, he was filled with such terror that he was speechless and he doubted what he had done and his face turned the color of clay. He hastened into the veranda and there he saw the abbot crying bitterness without ceasing. The Commander asked him, saying, “What strange spirits were those who escaped?”

The abbot said, “The Commander does not understand. But this our ancient ancestor, The Heavenly Teacher, Tung Hsien Chen Jen, left behind him a Taoist writing and he wrote thus, “In this temple there are imprisoned and locked thirty-six stars of heaven and seventy-two stars of earth and there are in all one hundred and eight devil kings within, and upon them stands a stone tablet and carven upon it are their names in letters of dragon and phoenix. Here are they held fast. If they be loosed upon the earth surely shall men suffer from their deeds.’ Now that the Commander has loosed these spirits what can best be done?”

<Continued – Prologue #13>



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