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All Men Are Brothers – [Shui Hu Chuan] – Prologue #13

All Men Are Brothers – [Shui Hu Chuan] – Prologue #13


When the Commander Hung had finished hearing these words a cold sweat broke forth on his whole body and he trembled without ceasing. In haste he put together his possessions and called those who had come with him and he went down the mountain and returned to the capital city. When the abbot and the others had returned from escorting the Commander down the mountain they went back alone to the temple and there mended the broken parts and they erected again the stone tablet and of this no more need to be told.

Let it be said again of the Commander Hung as he went upon his journey. He commanded those who came with him that they were not to tell others this affair of the escaped spirits lest the Son Of Heaven knowing of it might reprove him. There is naught else to tell of the journey. They went early and late and they came into the city and there they heard men say, “The Heavenly Teacher Chang said a mass of seven days and seven nights in the imperial palaces and he has written sacred words for many of the people rich and poor to drive out the plague and to heal the sick, and now the plague is wholly gone and the people and the armies are at peace. Then The Heavenly Teacher parted from the Son Of Heaven and seated on his crane and riding upon a cloud he went back to The Mountain Of Dragons And Tigers.”

The Commander Hung on the morning of the next day came before the Son Of Heaven and he said humbly, “The Heavenly Teacher seated on his crane and riding a cloud came first to the capital and I and the others came stage by stage along the road and we have only just arrived.”

The Emperor acknowledged this and rewarded him for merit and returned him to his former position and of this also there is no more to be told.

The Emperor Jen Chung reigned for forty and two years and then his life ended. He left no heir and so the throne was given to the son of the King Yun Jang of P’u An, who was only grandson to the first Emperor of the dynasty, and he ruled for four years. Then did he give the throne to his son Shen Chung, and Sen Chung reigned eighteen years and he gave the throne to Che Chung. During all this time there was peace under heaven and in the four parts there were no troubles.

….. But stay! If truly there was peace at those times then what would there be to tell now when this book is opened? You who read, have patience! This is but a prologue. Beyond is much, for the book itself has seventy chapters, and there are one hundred and forty sentences that sum the tale. For,


In the robbers’ city heroes hide,

In the sedgy waters dragons bide.

What then of the tale? Pray hear how the first chapter tells it.


<End of Prologue>



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